[Procedure of Word Relay Race]
 1. T puts a set of word cards on the wall in advance.
 2. Ss are divided into a group of 4 or 5.
 3. Ss decide on the order of players in their groups.
 4. The first players from each team read out loud the words one by one from the different starting point.
 5. For example, if the word is '고양이', then Ss must say '고양이' first and then 'cat'.
 6. When the two players meet, they play rock-paper-scissors.
 7. The winner can continue to read. The loser loses his/her turn and the other player from his/her team will read.
 8. The team that arrives the other side first will win.

 1. If there are more than two teams, the game can be a tournament.
 2. If the game seems to never end, T can set the time limit. In this case, the team that is closer to the other side will win.
 3. To make it more challenging, T can make a variation on a set of word cards.
 4. To prevent Ss from cheating, Ss from other teams(not involved in the current game) can monitor on each player.